Stefan Glazer
I am Stefan Glazer, a different breed photographer, and I help companies, social media influencers, and families capture their pets in a unique way that engages you, highlights you, and lets you cherish your beloved pet for years to come.

I specialize in delivering a unique perspective of your pets. Be it for a brand, an influencer, or your family, I will capture who your pet is and have them ready to shown to the world in any facet of life, personal or business.

When I started into photography, I was more of a commercial and architectural photographer, working with contractors and real estate agents and interior designers. It was 4 years ago when my pug Philomena came into my life, and also when my photography started taking a turn from commercial, to portraiture, then it was honed and focused on pets.

Bringing my skill as a photographer to the table has helped launch Philomena into a lot of work, with over 81k followers on Instagram, she is loved by her following. But, what most don't see, behind the portraits and cute photos, is the business of a brand. Having worked with companies such as Wag, Hartz, Tiki Pets, Canna-Pet, Ono, Bailey's CBD, Butcher Box, and Plant Therapy, I know what a powerful pet image can do for visibility and online presence.

My pet photography has led to me being published in multiple magazines both locally and nationally. I've had my photography featured on many different company platforms social media such as Canon USA, Sigma, and Slik.

Beyond the companies and accolades, I am here for YOU and your pet. And I guarantee that you will fall in love with, and others will too. They will be able to gain views on social media, promote your product or brand, or make lasting memories.

I am based out of Alpharetta, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, so I service a wide area here in Georgia, and am not against to flying across country for your photoshoot as I have access to one of the countries largest airports to easily travel anywhere in the US.